The Experience

Darren Breen Photography is committed to providing you with a comprehensive memory of your wedding day. I (Darren) tell your story from the morning until late into the night to photograph all the aspects that are important to you, your family, friends, and your experiences. I will find moments of emotion and action that are easily missed so that you, your children and grandchildren will be able to share these memories again and again through the generations. I will probably also photograph a few things that you did not get to see during the whirlwind of your day.

My goal for most of the day is to be a photojournalist. I look for interactions between people, to show the places and decorations, and to find and photograph special moments. I am trying to create more than just interesting photographs. I am looking for the key emotions and moments that tell your story. Making photographs of spontaneous actions is about anticipating and preparing for what will happen next. To prepare for a wedding, I like to have a pre-wedding day talk, and if I have not been to your ceremony or reception venue before, a visit to scout the area. The pre-planning helps to save time on your wedding day because I know where the different wedding day events will happen and have a good timetable of the day.

My other goal on your wedding day is to create a collection of great posed photographs as efficiently as possible. Mandy and I spend many hours thinking about and planning the posed portraits to give you more time to enjoy your wedding, and I have more time to find the great spontaneous moments.

We encourage you to leave some wiggle room in the wedding day schedule to allow for things not working according to plan. We have noticed that when things run late, it is usually because one or two morning activities took longer than expected. We try to help you stay calm by having more than one plan for many of the portraits. You can relax and enjoy your day, even if it is not following the timeline or the weather is not cooperating.

Before wrapping up in the evening, I often like to do sunset or night photography. Whether you choose to do sunset or nighttime photography often depends on the time of the sunset. It is a great way of doing a few directed pictures of the two of you when the time is less critical and the light is stunning. It often only takes about 15 minutes, but it is time very well spent.

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